United States reportedly asks allies not to use Huawei equipment

U.S. asks allies to shun Huawei equipment WSJ reports sector stocks fall Posted

U.S. asks allies to shun Huawei equipment WSJ reports sector stocks fall Posted

Some of those familiar with the conversations added that the USA would be willing to boost aid for advanced telecoms equipment if a nation did decide to shun the Chinese company.

According to the Wall Street Journal's sources, U.S. officials have communicated with their government counterparts and telecom executives in allied countries where Huawei's equipment are already being used on a wide scale. The United States is also considering increasing financial assistance for telecom development to those nations that would abandon Huawei products in the public and commercial sectors. Washington officials also think that China could use this technology to hack or damage the networks where it is installed.

For those who came in late, the U.S. government is convinced that the Chinese government is using Huawei gear to spy on its networks.

Huawei equipment is widely used in Germany, Italy, and Japan, and those countries were warned about the potential security threat.

The US imposed sanctions against Russian Federation over the supply of Iranian oil
Trump restored USA sanctions on November 5 and has threatened more action to stop its "outlaw" policies. Promsyrioimport said on its website that its focus is the "implementation of state energy policy".

The Chinese telecom giant said that it was unhappy with the U.S. government's purported move.

The US is reportedly particularly anxious about the use of Huawei equipment in countries with American military bases, since most nonsensitive communication travels via commercial networks, and it's concerned about Chinese meddling. "If a government's behavior extends beyond its jurisdiction, such activity should not be encouraged", a Huawei spokesperson said in an emailed response to the report.

Huawei - one of the world's largest telecommunications equipment and services providers - has been under scrutiny in some countries, including the United States and Australia, over its alleged close links to Beijing. As they're looking to move to 5G, we remind them of those concerns.

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