University Of Maryland Freshman Dead From Adenovirus

U.Md. student dies from Adenovirus; 5 others confirmed to have virus

U.Md. student dies from Adenovirus; 5 others confirmed to have virus

Eleven children died at a medical facility in New Jersey beginning last month due to an outbreak of adenovirus. However, the university says there is no consistent connection between the virus and mold.

"I am sad to share that a University of Maryland student recently passed away from adenovirus associated illness", David McBride, director of the University Health Center, said in a statement. Adenoviruses typically have mild symptoms, such as sore throat, but for people with compromised immunity, they can cause pneumonia or other complications and be fatal.

Dr. McBride also said that the university is working with the state and county health departments to increase awareness of and testing for the virus, and that departments across campus have increased cleaning of "high-touch surfaces".

Paregol said he wants the world to know just what his 18-year-old daughter means to him and the family, now mourning her death.

The first case of the adenovirus was discovered on November 1, 2018.

Olivia Paregol lived in an on-campus dorm that's known for having mold problems and was only tested for the Adenovirus after learning that other students had been diagnosed.

Students are being tested at the University Health Center and the campus community is being given guidance for preventative measures amid flu and virus season.

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"The treatment for these types of illnesses generally includes rest, plenty of fluids and fever-reducing medicine". Olivia Paregol would have been at risk because the medication she was taking to combat her Crohn's disease weakened her immune system, her dad said.

Adenoviruses are common reasons for colds, yet certain strains can cause more serious ailment.

Since then, there have been reports of five additional cases of students with an adenovirus-associated illness.

In the New Jersey outbreak, health authorities there said the deaths were among 35 adenovirus 7 cases at a nursing and restoration center in Haskell. Unfortunately, there is no specific medication to treat this infection in a non-hospitalized individual.

They told students that vigilance is extremely important, particularly for those with chronic medical problems like asthma, diabetes, or illnesses that lower your immune system, or if you take medicine that lowers your immune system. This was emphasized in the university statement, also urging people to never ignore worrying symptoms and get checked by a physician within 48 hours.

McBride also stated that the school has been taking precautions since November 1 to limit the spread of the illness, including increased cleaning of "high touch" surfaces. He referred to the university health center's website for more information and regular updates.

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