West Virginia police 'apprehend' raccoon 'drunk' on fermented crab apples

West Virginia police 'apprehend' raccoon 'drunk' on fermented crab apples

West Virginia police 'apprehend' raccoon 'drunk' on fermented crab apples

"Ptl Scarberry made his first apprehension today, taking this masked bandit into custody with assistance of Sgt Collins and several neighbourhood residents", the Milton Police Department wrote in a Facebook post on Monday.

Concerned residents in Milton, West Virginia called the police to report what seemed like a case of rabid raccoons, and were later informed that their unusual behavior was due to their drunken stupor.

This seems as good a time as any to resurface the drunk raccoon of 2015-the one warehouse employees discovered tying one on before drunkenly stumbling away from a case full of beer. Some locals were convinced it was rabid.

That's why people started calling police to report the "suspected rabid raccoons" over two days this week.

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But when police officers caught them, they realized the issue was far less severe: the raccoons were just drunk because they ate too many fermented crabapples. Drunk on fermented crab apples, that is, according to WSAZ.

"If you see a staggering and disoriented raccoon please do not approach it".

The clumsy behaviours of West Virginia's intoxicated raccoons differ from the other escapades of raccoons from a few states over. Officials with the Milton Police Department said they had "apprehended" another just the day before.

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