Withings Pulse HR Challenges Fitbit with 20-Day Battery Life

Withings Pulse HR Challenges Fitbit with 20-Day Battery Life

Withings Pulse HR Challenges Fitbit with 20-Day Battery Life

And today, the company is announcing its second new device since moving ownership away from Nokia.

According to the company, this is a revival of the classic design of the Withings Pulse, which was the first tracker the company launched back in 2013. It features a reinforced black polycarbonate surface that fits in a 316L stainless steel casing.

Pulse HR's OLED display shows information such as the time, heart rate and notifications from your smartphone. Heart rate is captured at 10-minute intervals throughout the day using the PPG sensor, but continuously during exercise, where you'll also be able to track your heart rate zones. Instead, it uses a simple raise-to-wake function that turns on the display. Pulse HR also offers automatic activity recognition for over 10 activities including walking, running and swimming.

"At Withings, we are dedicated to providing people with premium health and fitness tracking options that they can select from that best suit their personal lifestyles". There are over 30 different types of workouts that can be manually selected, including boxing and skiing. Withings says Pulse HR will ship in time for Christmas.

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Rounding out the spec list includes Connected GPS (when paired with a smartphone), sleep tracking and the welcome addition of a smart alarm. The watch runs the latest version of Withings' proprietary software, OS2, which brings with it path mapping, enhanced multi-sport tracking, new sleep tracking features, and notifications for all apps - not just for calls, texts, emails and events.

The fitness tracker is also compatible with third-party fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health. Since we don't think anyone's workout is going to last five days, it seems safe to assume that you should be able to squeeze a couple of weeks out of the battery between charges, but obviously, your mileage will vary.

The Pulse HR is available for pre-order now on Withings' own website and Amazon with a release date of December 5th.

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