YouTube is testing two skippable adverts in a row for videos

YouTube is rolling out skippable ad breaks

YouTube is rolling out skippable ad breaks

Another cool tidbit from the blog post includes the fact that more people are glued to YouTube watching on TV screens - over 180 million hours were spent doing so every day on average.

Currently, users can have their videos interrupted y ads mid flow - an experience which is not conducive to binging and is especially distracting when watching longer video essays on the platform.

YouTube has revealed that it will be testing ad pods, which are two ads stacked back-to-back, with the option to skip directly to the content. However, Google-owned YouTube is working to offer a better viewing experience by reducing ad interruptions when a video is being played.

Surprisingly, the number of viewers watching YouTube on television is growing rapidly, faster than viewer growth on the desktop or via mobile devices. Google suggests that stacking ads this way can reduce ad interruption by up to 40 percent per session for the user, with boosts for content creators and advertisers as well.

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Early experiment results showed an 8-11% increase in reach and a 5-10% increase in frequency for advertisers.

Google said based on research viewers were "quite sensitive" to how often an ad break occurs, especially during longer videos.

The ads will be skippable, however, so users have no obligation to sit through them. In addition, more YouTube viewers are discovering content themselves from the YouTube home page rather than finding out about a video from an email.

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