Almost 1,000 people arrested during violent protests in Paris

Black Tuesday French Students Join Wave Of Protests

Black Tuesday French Students Join Wave Of Protests

French President Emmanuel Macron told his USA counterpart Donald Trump not to interfere in French internal affairs after Trump had taken a fresh swipe on twitter at "Yellow Vests" demonstrations, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian said on Sunday.

Earlier this week, French government dropped a plan to increase fuel tax next year, bowing to the force of the streets.

"Protests and riots all over France", Trump wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday.

The Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum reopened on Sunday after being closed on Saturday.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the unrest was creating a "catastrophe" + for the French economy, with nationwide roadblocks playing havoc with the traffic and putting off tourists from visiting Paris.

After the president this week retreated by canceling a fuel-tax increase planned for January, members of his government and even some members of opposition parties had called on the Yellow Vests to ignore calls for fresh protests after last weekend's demonstrations led to widespread vandalism and vehicle burnings across Paris. "With fewer barricades, there was much more dispersion, so many more places were impacted by violence", Paris deputy mayor Emmanuel Gregoire told France Inter radio.

France's foreign minister Sunday urged U.S. President Donald Trump not to interfere in French politics, following Trump's tweets on weeks of protests in Paris.

The economy minister, meanwhile, lamented the damage to the economy.

The French Foreign Minisetr on Sunday weighed in to denounce intervention from US President Donald Trump.

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Mr Le Maire said last week, before the most recent protests, that the restaurant trade had declined by between 20% and 50%.

Thierry Paul Valette, who helps coordinate yellow vest protesters who come to Paris, said the president must announce concrete measures to quell the fury.

While the Yellow Vest movement did spring up as a response to hiking fuel prices, it is not an anti-environmental movement.

"Neither Associated Press journalists covering protests in the city nor any French television networks have shown evidence that supporters were chanting any slogans in support of Trump", said the AP in a Saturday report.

Emmanuel Macron has been the target of many protesters' anger over his perceived pro-rich policies.

After the fourth Saturday of nationwide protests by the grassroots movement with broadening demands, officials said they understood the depth of the crisis.

Granting concessions in some areas may not placate all the protesters, some of whom are calling for higher wages, lower taxes, better pensions, easier university requirements and even the resignation of the president.

The movement's core aim, to highlight the economic frustration and political distrust of poorer working families, still has widespread support. But, he added, a "magic wand" won't solve all the problems of the protesters, known as "yellow vests" for the fluorescent safety vests they often wear.

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