An Amazon Go Stores May Be Coming to An Airport Near You

Airport Shopping

Airport Shopping

Public records requests to several other airports revealed that "Amazon is evaluating top USA airports for new locations".

A source spoke to Reuters claiming that Amazon is working on a "strategy" to deploy Amazon Go stores in airports, doing so potentially as a way to increase brand awareness versus simply increasing sales.

Amazon's proprietary "Walk Out" technology consisting of cameras and sensors installed throughout the store track a customer's items and charges the account used on a customer's phone that is scanned when they walk into the store. You'll be charged once you leave the store, meaning that you don't have to wait in long queues for the cashier when you're grabbing a few last minute essentials for your flight. On top of physical bookstores, the first Amazon Go store opened in Seattle in January, and has arrived or is slated to arrive in other cities including Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

According to emails obtained through Reuters' public records requests, Amazon reached out to various airports this summer, including the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the San Jose (California) International Airport (SJC). "Interested?" "Yes. Thanks!" the concessions official replied.

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Still, shopping without the hassle of queuing could be fantastic for travelers who are on tight schedules - time will tell if these rumors come to fruition. The e-commerce giant is reportedly evaluating top U.S. airports for Amazon Go's new locations. Even if Amazon does pursue an airport launch, it would have to outbid competing companies to become a concessionaire. The status of the Amazon Go effort is unclear.

An airport information technology manager apparently wrote: "I am looking forward to moving forward with the Amazon Go technology at the airport".

More than 350 million passengers boarded flights at the country's top 12 airports past year, according to United States department of transportation data.

The airport did not immediately comment on whether the concessions manager got a response.

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