Bigg Boss 12 Day 79: BB School Bus Challenge Causes Chaos

Romil too joins them. They all announce the names of the contestants whose bags they have. She says that she has worked really hard to reach where she is. A huge brawl takes place between them in which Rohit gets physical and Sreesanth nearly ends up slapping him. He also went on to call him a "fatichar insaan" (loser). In the bathroom, Sreesanth overhears Deepak hurting himself. Sreesanth absolutely lost his control and went on to slap him. When the task began, Surbhi Rana lost her temper as Romil Chaudhary snatched the bag from her. After sometime, she went back and sat inside the bus.

At the same time, in the bus, Surbhi keeps on spewing venom against Dipika. Dipika comes in the end and says she'll take whichever bag is left. They comment on her cooking food, making halwa and not performing the task. Dipika shows her hand which has got hurt by KV. Romil Chaudhary being the sanchalak, repeatedly asks Surbhi to some out of the bus, but she doesn't. Sreesanth tries to console Dipika but she goes to complete the task. She also went on to confront Deepak for his part in the BB School Bus task. It was Somi turn next to be thrown out of the task as Deepak, Surbhi and Rohit made a decision to remove her. Surbhi and Somi, Karanvir and Romil got into another verbal spat.

As Rohit heard that Deepak broke down badly, he informed the same to Surbhi. Sreesanth tells Dipika that Deepak isn't able to take defeat. Meanwhile Deepak, Rohit Suchanti and others bring their respective bags and sit in the bus. During this, Rohit and Sreeshant got into a huge argument. There are arguments between KV's group. Even Surbhi gets angry with KV, Somi. Somi, KV and others take Deepak in the bedroom. Sreesanth asks Jasleen to say "Papa" for teasing them all.

As the buzzer rang once again, Rohit removed Somi from the task and said he will play for himself at this stage. They argue a lot. KV again calls Romil as "double minded".

Romil accuses Karanvir of planning to disintegrate the Happy Club. Meanwhile, Deepak apologised to Somi again and she forgave him. Deepak also appologised to Somi for betraying her but she refused to accept his apology.

Megha calls Rohit as "Gaddar" and "Aas Teen ka Saap". And then, the buzzer rang and Rohit removed Deepak from the task. Somi upset with Deepak for agreeing with Rohit and Kv for Somi and Surbhi's eviction from the task.

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The next round of task starts.

The second day of BB School Bus task will see Somi, Deepak, Surbhi and Romi pitted against each other to gain a direct entry into the semi-finale week. The envelope in that bag bears an amount that would be added to the prize money.

Somi comes to Deepak. Deepak feels dejected. Surbhi says now it's a competition and she wants to win, be it against her friends. Romil also tried to pacify her and calmed her down. She got so emotional that she started crying profusely. She asks both of them to go away.

While Romil is in a continual battle with his former friends from "Happy Club", he is building friendly ties with Megha Dhade and Jasleen Matharu. The Apple Pie group and it will also include Somi and Deepak along with them. An emotional Deepak said that he betrayed Somi and now, he can not trust anyone else. Romil consoles him. Surbhi and Rohit are discussing about cheating Deepak. Later, he felt guilty and confessed the same with Somi. Surbhi says that Romil is over. Deepak is too full of guilt and says sorry to Somi. Somi is still upset with Deepak as she got cheated on. Deepak then takes extreme step and locked him in the bathroom. He goes inside taking out his mike. Megha is visibly upset.

In the next round, Deepak grabs Karanvir Bohra's bag and empties it when the buzzer goes. However, Somi forgives him later. KV pushes the door. Deepak does so. Somi then asks him to behave himself and not do any more insane stuff like Sreesanth. Somi tells him that she has a problem not because everyone is playing a game but because her trust has been betrayed. KV takes Deepak inside. Jasleen asks him what somi's problem is. Deepak is very much guilty about his behaviour and starts beating himself. Surbhi too comes and asks him to behave.

Later Deepak apologizes to Somi in a amusing way. Romil joins him and asks him to speak his heart out.

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