Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Cast, Director, Synopsis Leaked

Black Mirror's New Interactive Film Lets You Choose Your Own Ending

Black Mirror's New Interactive Film Lets You Choose Your Own Ending

Precisely for this reason, new content keeps getting added into the pipeline at the streaming giant, with the service reportedly set to offer up something pretty wild and original as soon as this Friday: That choose-your-own adventure-style Black Mirror movie you may have heard was coming.

And although it's set to clock in at 90 minutes, that's not all of the footage that has been recorded. While the trailer didn't exactly confirm this as fact, it certainly hinted at it. The episode, labelled as a "Black Mirror Event" is built on the release of a new video game - Bandersnatch - in the 1980s which is based upon a book of the same name in the episode.

Throughout the trailer, words popped up on the screen that seemingly told viewers that they could alter their own reality. There's also text asking viewers to "change your mind" and "change your life", and a character states: "Your fate has been dictated", all of which suggests that it will be interactive, rather than a traditional linear movie. Change your past... Your present...

For days, Black Mirror fans have been speculating on whether Bandersnatch was a real thing.

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Watch the Black Mirror Bandersnatch trailer below.

Fondly reminding us of Ready Player One and The Matrix, Bandersnatch takes place in London (circa 1984) and follows a young programmer (Dunkirk's Fionn Whitehead) embarking on a quest to adapt a fantasy novel in a video game. Are you hoping the first Black Mirror movie turns out to be an interactive story? Let us know in the comments.

Co-starring Asim Chaudhry, Will Poulter, and Alice Lowe, Bandersnatch arrives on Netflix tomorrow, December 28.

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