Black Ops 4 now live (December 10)

Black Ops 4 UPDATE 1.09 Patch Notes- Call of Duty Zombies Blackout Multiplayer CHANGES

Black Ops 4 UPDATE 1.09 Patch Notes- Call of Duty Zombies Blackout Multiplayer CHANGES

Speaking of trailers, the trailer for Operation Absolute Zero which shows the Specialist abilities of Zero can be seen here. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Operation Absolute Zero update will be dropping on 11th December.

The new update itself also includes big improvements in this update for all three modes.

Finally, there is a smattering of new content launching first for PS4 users, in the form of the new Blackout area, Highjacked and the Winter Calling Event for Zombies. "Play Operation Absolute Zero content for free starting on 12/11, first on PS4". We won't know the full extent of what she's capable of until tomorrow, but it's safe to say that Zero will throw in a spanner in the works for many players when she drops into Multiplayer.

Treyarch in a post online said they're "setting the stage" for the release of Operation Absolute Zero with a patch release on Monday December 10.

On December 10, we're setting the stage with several hotly-anticipated updates to the core Blackout experience for all platforms, including our new Armor fix system, audio improvements, SDM and Spitfire weapon balancing, and seasonal changes across the entire map.Players will immediately notice the map's new visual updates as soon as they jump out of the helicopter, from seasonal changes in foliage and softer winter lighting, to new smoke trails to better indicate where everyone is dropping.

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This will bring with it changes to Blackout on "all platforms" including an armor fix system, audio improvements, SDM and Spitfire weapon balancing and seasonal changes across the entire map. Subtle environmental improvements are also coming to Nuketown Island, Hydro Dam, and Factory.

Hijacked will be located in the north west quadrant of the Blackout map. She'll be available to use in both multiplayer and Blackout mode once players unlock her by completing tier 1 in the new Black Market, and she can "disrupt and distract enemies with powerful hacking tools".

A new ARAV armored vehicle turret-mounted machine gun will be available following the update, which is sure to be a highly contested addition, due to its firepower. In return, players receive stamps to show off. People will also get a chance at earning Black Market tiers through Zombies as well.

Ahead of what is shaping up to be one the biggest weak in Black Ops 4's short history, Treyarch is keeping the hype train rolling by teasing what's to come in the next round of updates. Treyarch says that progression will be "simpler and more rewarding" following the update, and it'll introduce "new types of content that have been commonly requested from the community".

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