Bright light spotted over California likely was a meteor, weather service says

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The National Weather Service says the light may be a meteor.

Social media was filled with photos, videos and questions Wednesday night about the bright light and strangely illuminated smoke contrail seen in the skies that were visible across California.

Meanwhile, the odd light left locals puzzled, as many took to Twitter to figure out what it could be and to share pictures and videos.

Interestingly, there were rocket launches scheduled for that day at the Vandenberg Air Force Base, but they were canceled due to a glitch. "Or aliens. One of the two".

However, United Launch Alliance, a launch service provider for national security missions, announced the launch had been scrubbed because of "indications of booster complications".

Senate scrambles to take up border wall funding, as shutdown clock ticks
And according to the rules, any planned leave by an essential employee is canceled and employees are expected to report to work. Those being furloughed include almost everyone at NASA and 52,000 workers at the Internal Revenue Service.

The mysterious light was spotted in the sky after 5:30 p.m local time on Wednesday.

The launch has been rescheduled for Thursday.

While observatories are saying it was a meteor trail backlit by the sun just after sunset, the UFO phenomenon ethusiasts are excited.

The American Meteor Society received more than 100 reports about the likely fireball event-dubbed 5618-2018-from sky watchers in Arizona, Oregon, Nevada and California.

Dozens of people called and emailed the KPIX 5 newsroom asking what the phenomenon was, but so far the reason behind the lights remains a mystery.

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