CS:GO goes Battle Royale and free to play

CS:GO goes Battle Royale and free to play

CS:GO goes Battle Royale and free to play

Valve updated its esports wunderkind with a new battle royale mode, Danger Zone, and simultaneously made the game free-to-play. Customers who already purchased the game will have "Prime Status" and gamers new to the series can purchase Prime Status for $14.99. In an announcement today, Valve revealed that its newly released game update brings "Danger Zone" with support for both solo and squad gameplay. Matches last around 10 minutes, making it one of the shorter battle royales on the market. Danger Zone features the same weapon behavior and damage as conventional CS:GO, Valve says.

For new players, the option to play until reaching Prime Status or pay their way there is available. Cash can be found in the world, and also gained by completing tasks such as hostage rescue.

The tablet can also track the movements of other players and their drone deliveries, allowing you to strategically use this information to your advantage.

Below you may find several additional details on how Danger Zone works.

CS:GO goes Battle Royale and free to play

Others have pointed out that Prime Status should prevent free accounts that are looking to hack from being matched with anyone taking the matchmaking seriously - with the Prime rules still aimed at providing a better experience for users. A boost from your Medi-Shot helps you recover quickly and get back in the fight.

On top of adding battle royale combat, the game is also now free to play.

Players will choose where to drop into Blacksite along with up to 18 players. Such is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I guess. Maintaining a library of games you can only play with Steam is one way to keep players hooked, and it's far easier to sneak onto someone's hard drive with free games than paid. How many hours do you think voids someone's claim to a refund? This cash can then be used to upgrade your tablet, buy new weapons, and more.

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