Don’t Eat Raw Cookie Dough, Warns CDC

CDC Say no to raw cookie dough Cropped

CDC Say no to raw cookie dough Cropped

As much as you might want to sneak a taste, it's better for your health to wait until everything is fully cooked.

A technician at the French firm Poult, specialized in the manufacture of cookies for supermarkets, checks on October 15, 2014, dough at company headquarters in the southwestern city of Montauban, which produces 340 million packs of cookies per year.

Cookie dough ice cream sold in stores contains dough that has been treated to kill harmful bacteria.

Do not taste or eat any raw dough or batter, whether for cookies, tortillas, pizza, biscuits, pancakes, or crafts made with raw flour, such as homemade play dough or holiday ornaments.

In 2016, an E. coli outbreak linked to raw cookie dough sickened 63 people, the CDC reports. If you have any recalled flour products in your home, throw them away.

The CDC warns that eating unbaked products like dough or batter can make you sick. Flour can contain E. coli and raw eggs can contain salmonella.

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Make sure raw eggs are not consumed. The CDC estimates there are over 1 million cases of salmonella illnesses in the US each year, usually caused by contaminated food.

While there is not a breakdown of how many of these illnesses are caused by people eating raw cookie dough, the symptoms aren't pleasant.

"Children can get sick from handling or eating raw dough used for crafts or play clay, too", according to the CDC.

Follow the recipe or package directions for cooking or baking at the proper temperature and for the specified time.

That's because the uncooked eggs in cookie dough could be contaminated with salmonella.

(However, according to the FDA, commercial cookie dough ice cream is typically safe because it is made with treated flour and pasteurized eggs.) The CDC also urges people to thoroughly wash their hands with warm, soapy water and to clean all work surfaces, dishes and utensils when working with raw eggs and flour.

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