DUP set to abandon ‘duplicitous’ May after Brexit vote, claims Tory MP

The European Union flag is seen with the statue of Irish trade union leader James Larkin in Dublin

The European Union flag is seen with the statue of Irish trade union leader James Larkin in Dublin

The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has penned an open letter seeking to assure citizens that the draft Brexit deal is not a threat to rights or the Union.

Earlier, on November 14, May announced that her Cabinet had approved a Brexit deal.

The UK prime minister is highly likely to lose the 11 December vote on her Brexit deal, and has come under greater pressure after the UK government's top lawyer confirmed that the UK would not be able to leave the Northern Irish "backstop" unilaterally.

"I will certainly not be voting to hand over £39bn to the European Union with nothing in return in a deal which keeps us shackled to the European Union in perpetuity".

Mr Whittaker (Calder Valley) said: "As the deal is only about the withdrawal and implementation period, I am quite pragmatic about the agreement".

Around 35 SNP votes are likely to go against the agreement.

MPs needed to consider if they preferred the alternatives, including the softer Brexit Norway-style option or another referendum that risked reversing the 2016 result, said Ms Rudd.

The Prime Minister's one-time allies in the DUP have said they will vote down her Brexit deal on Tuesday, and will only support her in a vote to collapse the government if the deal fails.

The Conservative frontbencher also took a swipe at colleagues rumoured to be plotting leadership bids behind the scenes, arguing a contest would "add another layer of difficulty" to an already challenging situation and be "a real mistake".

This option would be particularly unpalatable to Brexit backers as it would see the United Kingdom remain closely tied to the EU, inside both the single market and a customs union.

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For all the people in Northern Ireland, this means continuing the progress over the past two decades under the Belfast Agreement, supporting our business community to thrive, ensuring a good deal for our agricultural and fishing industries and providing a safe, secure and prosperous society for future generations.

"I think it will get through but I know it's going to be hard, because of people are still declaring against it".

Remind Me What's Happening Next Week.

. Yes, but not enough to make me think that voting against the deal is the best option - not least because this could end up with Brexit not being delivered at all.

The People's Vote campaign, which wants a second referendum, published a dossier condemning the Norway-plus proposal.

The parliamentary arithmetic is still against the Government ahead of next week's withdrawal treaty vote.

Mr Dodds says if ratified the deal would be an worldwide legally-binding treaty, which would place a customs and regulatory border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain contrary to previous pledges from Prime Minister Theresa May. I am absolutely convinced. "I know that she will see us through this".

The Work and Pensions Secretary refused to be drawn on whether Mrs May would be forced out of Downing Street if her withdrawal agreement is defeated in the Commons on Tuesday.

Eurosceptic former party leader Iain Duncan Smith cautioned against the PM and her Cabinet deciding to "brazen it out", saying such an approach would be a "disaster".

But if the Prime Minister's withdrawal deal is shot down on Tuesday Mrs Rudd believes the "Plan B" Norway model for Britain's trading relationship with the European Union could be an option. "If it meant holding things a bit longer to do it, of course", he told Sky News.

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