Elon Musk unveils prototype high-speed LA transport tunnel

Илон Маск открыл первый скоростной подземный тоннель

Илон Маск открыл первый скоростной подземный тоннель

Jewelry designers of IF & Co. have gifted Elon Musk a one-of-a-kind Tesla ring made up of diamonds and rubies of the highest quality for Christmas just for having "BIG balls". The cost for such wheels would be about $US200 or $US300 ($A280 to $420) a vehicle, Musk said. Tuesday's reveal comes nearly two years to the day since Musk announced on Twitter that "traffic is driving me nuts" and he was "going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging".

The approximately 1.8 km long tunnel was constructed nearby the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, and was built at a cost of USD10 million.

Courtesy of two horizontal wheels fitted like outriggers to a Tesla Model X - just like Tamiya cars - the vehicle is allowed to travel along a guided track within the tunnel on its own power.

The jewelers have never gifted another person a custom piece of jewelry, but say they are giving Musk this Christmas present because he "motivated [Baller] and Paul to level up and push limits". From the footage, one can see that the tunnel is lit-up with a neon tube which runs overhead and provides an icy blue-green hue.

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Elon Musk later explained that the bumpiness was due to problems with a paving machine and that it would be "as smooth as glass" eventually.

Musk had represented the proof-of-concept tunnel as a lean-on towards transcending a high-speed subterranean network, capable of cannon-balling vehicles & pedestrians below the America's second largest city at a speed of up to 220 kmph.

Mr Musk said the $200-$300 attachments could eventually be fixed to any fully autonomous electric vehicle, for use in the tunnel. "The last successful USA auto company startup before Tesla was Chrysler and that was 90 years ago".

On Tuesday he said his Boring Company had built the tunnel segment for $10m (£8m), adding that traditional tunnel-building technology would have cost up to $1bn. Soon after, he began The Boring Company, tongue in cheek intentional.

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