Google Moves to Curb Gender Bias in Google Translate

Google Moves to Curb Gender Bias in Google Translate

Google Moves to Curb Gender Bias in Google Translate

For much of humanity, the two have been linked, but in recent years, some of our minds have evolved to think outside this box. Well done, Google - at a time when gender issues are reshaping politics and society. And doing them well, I must add.

You can try out Google Translate on the web here to test the company's claims.

Google said on Thursday (Dec 7) it was tweaking its translation application with the goal of reducing gender bias.

In a bid to reduce gender biases in its translation service, Google has started rolling out a feature that provides feminine and masculine translations for some gender-neutral words on the Google Translate website.

"Google Translate learns from hundreds of millions of already-translated examples from the web".

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Now, translating those words will result in translations for both gender forms so users can choose which one is appropriate for the particular situation. Previously Google Translate would pick one gender when a gender-neutral word was translated, and that gender was decided upon in part by existing examples of translations.

Right now, this update is applicable to translations from English to French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. Translations from Turkish to English is the only combination in which he/she translations will be available for English. "For example, if you type "o bir doktor" in Turkish, you'll now get 'she is a doctor" and 'he is a doctor" as the gender-specific translations.

Regardless of your feelings about gender and associated roles, it can not be denied that reducing bias is a positive.

Google continues to make its tools less gender-biased.

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