Hades is the next game from the folks behind Bastion

‘Hades’ Is The Latest Isometric Action Game From Supergiant

‘Hades’ Is The Latest Isometric Action Game From Supergiant

Epic Games Store is finally live and gamers will find plenty of favourite titles available through the dedicated portal. So yeah, this is pretty much confirmed right now and all that remains is to find out when the game will release. Still, free games is always attractive and it will certainly increase sign-ups for the Store when the promotion starts.

According to the website, Epic Games will be giving users a new game about twice a month, starting with Subnautica (available on 12/14) and Super MeatBoy (available on 12/28). That's why Epic Games is making them an offer they might not be able to refuse. In an update made on the site today, Epic Games made mention of the fact that they give developers more than 70 percent of the cut, something other stores - ahem Steam - can't say. For incentive programs Epic Games will cover 5% of the income of content creators in the first two years after launch. Its launch titles include Supergiant Games' (Bastion, Transistor) Hades, Annapurna/A44's Ashen, and tinyBuild's prequel title Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek.

Now You: Will you install the Epic Games Store on your devices? That's not necessarily abad thing.

Marriott hack blamed on China
Private investigators hired by the company have discovered signs similar to previous hacks blamed on Chinese intelligence. Therefore, the hotel group must invest heavily in improved cybersecurity to protect its customers from cyber attacks.

Low key hidden in The Game Award's many announcements was a tidbit that could end up being pretty big news once it gets ramped up: yet another storefront is in town.

Store pages for individual games like Hades have some information and trailers but no user reviews or links to forums, newsfeeds, and lots of other features which can occasionally be useful but also overwhelming and unnecessary.

What this initial showcase tells us is that Epic isn't messing around.

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