Kamala Harris Warns 2020 Campaign Is 'Going to Be Ugly'

039;Over the holiday I will make that decision with my family

039;Over the holiday I will make that decision with my family" Harris said

"Let's be honest. It's going to be ugly", Harris told MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski in an interview at an event in San Francisco on Saturday. "Over the holiday I will make that decision with my family'".

Other Democratic senators who are rumored to be planning a presidential run include Sens.

She ranked fifth in a November poll of Democratic voters' preferred nominee to take on President Donald Trump's re-election bid, Politico news reported on Sunday. Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Rep. Beto O'Rourke (Texas), and Harris' fellow Californian, Rep. Eric Swalwell.

What's closed on national day of mourning for George HW Bush's funeral
It is also bringing together world envoys, the four remaining ex-presidents, and President Trump. Wednesday was designated a national day of mourning , with many closings across America.

Kirsten Gillibrand of NY acknowledged that she may be reneging on her promise to serve out her six-year Senate term if she runs, and is elected to, the position. Inevitably, there have been several analogies drawn between her and former President Barack Obama notwithstanding the fact that there level of experience and their prominence on the national scene were quite different at the respective times in their political careers.

In recent months, Harris has stumped for Democratic candidates in Iowa and SC, states that are early on the 2020 primary calendar. Harris is the most junior Democratic member on the committee and therefore most likely to lose her seat.

Several other senators, including Cory Booker of New Jersey, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of MA, are expected to launch bids, along with former Vice President Joe Biden.

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