Lopez succeeds making her own opportunities

STX FINANCING LLC.           Jennifer Lopez, Alan Aisenberg Charlyne Yi and Annaleigh Ashford in “Second Act.”

STX FINANCING LLC. Jennifer Lopez, Alan Aisenberg Charlyne Yi and Annaleigh Ashford in “Second Act.”

"Yes, we're killing it", Lopez says with a smile. It begins, harmlessly enough, as a straightforward romantic comedy where Maya (Lopez) uses her street smarts to climb the corporate ladder. Maya receives frequent help from her aforementioned pal, Joan (Leah Remini, making the hammy most of her screen time), and is surrounded by a colorful assortment of co-workers, ranging from the snobby and suspicious to the nerdy and needy. The stated reason? Maya, who's in her early 40s, doesn't have a college degree; despite years of experience, she's still seen as a girl from the boroughs, not as executive material.

Despite keeping things low-key, the multi-talented star, 49, cut a stylish figure in a head to toe blush pink ensemble as she enjoyed her evening with her other half, 43. Because unbeknownst to him, she had a baby when she was a teenager that she gave away for adoption; she's always regretted that she had to and feels like she'd be a awful mother as a result.

Shot in Los Angeles, the Limitless video marks Lopez's first time directing. Directed by Peter Segal, the flick has an a strong cekebrity cast including Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens.

Showtime kicks into higher gear as Lopez decides the photo-shoot, setting calls for a charcoal Stephane Rolland gown with Tom Ford heels as a table for one with a leafy salad, three glasses of ice water and a ideal cut of filet mignon is rolled in.

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"How many ballerinas died to make this dress?" It seems like an unnecessary means of setting up a rivalry between the two women and boosting a few comedic supporting players (including the great Charlene Yi, Dave Foley, and Larry Miller).

She added, "It's very inspirational, very touching, but very amusing, like life". It talks about being limitless, it talks about having second act and it's a handsome message as well, and great to share with her, doing that. But since the film's characters talk endlessly about being honest, it might be nice if the film had a little more honesty itself. It is a whole lot of neither.

Giving it a score of C+ for IndieWire, Kate Erbland wrote: "Second Act never recovers from its big reveal, a cataclysmic (and almost catastrophic) piece of narrative nuttiness that derails every scene, every performance, every subsequent revelation". 'We're solid rock, there for each other in the tough times, and she's who I can be the most vulnerable with. Hell, as I'm writing the end of this review, I've nearly forgotten what movie I'm writing about.

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