Miley Cyrus still smokes weed with mom Tish

Miley and Tish Cyrus

Miley and Tish Cyrus

Of course, as forward-thinking as Tish may be in some ways, Miley also revealed in that same interview that maybe mom wasn't ready for ALL of her artistic inspiration.

"We all know it's Finding Nemo", Miley answered without hesitation.

Pop star Miley Cyrus has claimed that her mother Tish is responsible for her smoking weed again. "I don't watch it anymore because it's like a three day [sitation, where] I don't get out of bed". "And I think that's why we have the relationship that we have because we're so open with each other", Tish told POPSUGAR a year ago.

She shared: "We toke a little".

"I f**king hate it when people can't adjust", she said at the time. "I'll get you in, don't worry'".

Andy added: 'I'm sure you will and you deserve it.

"When I want something, it's f**king easy for me".

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Her new approach to drugs is a far cry from the star who once smoked weed on stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2013 and also performed in a marijuana-leaf leotard during her Bangerz World Tour in 2014.

Andy added "Wow he's going to be busy" to which Miley added with a grin: 'Yeah exhausted'. "When I'm just working I don't think I function at my highest, most intelligent, most being-able-to-be-as-aware-and- as-present, so I don't smoke when I work".

"I like to surround myself with people that make me want to get better, more evolved, open", she continued. She's really excited about the holidays.

I met Miley and Mark during her whistlestop trip to London to promote her new song.

The artist said: I've been trying to start a real relationship and not try to ask her to work or try to collaborate too much but I feel like she needs a friend, I could use a friend and I would really love to start that relationship more'. "It's just not for me at this time in my life".

Candid: 'She's here in NY actually and we've been texting about, I just want to go to the club with her.

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