On Doom's 25th Anniversary, Creator John Romero Announces New Levels

On Doom's 25th Anniversary, Creator John Romero Announces New Levels

On Doom's 25th Anniversary, Creator John Romero Announces New Levels

However, it appears that this new "John Romero" game is just a megawad for the original Doom and nothing more. The expansion will be available for free starting in mid-February 2019, and it'll be joined by a pair of limited edition fan boxes from Limited Run Games.

Circling back to tie up loose ends on a project 25 years later isn't exactly a common endeavor, but that's what Romero Games aims to do through Sigil.

Because the game is essentially a mod, the announcement post makes it clear that in order to run it, you'll need to own a registered copy of the original Doom, which released in 1993. "It contains nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels".

Sigil is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of Doom, picking up where the original left off.

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The standard edition of Sigil includes a "big box" featuring the artwork of Christopher Lovell, a 16GB USB stick modeled after a 3.5-inch floppy drive, a two-disc jewel case with game data and soundtrack from Buckethead plus two stickers. The $166 Beast Box has all that plus a coin, a print of the technosatanic box art, a t-shirt, and the aforementioned pewter spiked head. These items are also included in the Beast Box version, too.

You can now pre-order the physical editions over on Limited Run's website.

He's putting those tools to work on building out a whole new, nine-level episode as a "megawad", which is basically a collection of fan-made additions and changes (commonly referred to as mods), all packaged together.

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