PlayStation Classic Hides Filenames for 36 Extra Favorites, Including Crash, Gran Turismo

PSN Is Down, All PS4 Services Affected [Updated]

PSN Is Down, All PS4 Services Affected [Updated]

It looks like PlayStation Classic, Sony's new mini retro console could have come packed with a different bunch of games to the ones we got. Late last month the console was torn down and inside is 16GB of storage and a quad-core ARM processor.

Contrary to some early reports, full versions of these games aren't hidden in the PlayStation Classic - only their file names and menu entries are on the console. Well all they did was plug in a USB keyboard to the console and press the ESC button... simple!

The menu outlines several hidden emulation options that you can only see if you connect the right USB keyboard to the console. The description also states that Logitec and Corsair keyboards seem to work, but multiple viewers during a live stream confirmed that other brands don't seem to bring up the emulator settings. Keyboards like the Corsair K70 and K95 can access the menu according to reports.

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In total, the code lists 36 games that were not featured on the PlayStation Classic. Options seen in the hidden menu include additional RAM-based save states for each game, simulated CRT scanlines, modifiable "frameskip" settings, fps display, and the ability to select the emulation region.

In addition to settings that could increase the usability of the $99 gaming console, the loophole could also be used by hackers to take full control of the hardware.

Given the PlayStation Classic's annoyingly limited range of games, it's a first step into figuring out if the system can be hacked to do more than what's been prescribed by Sony.

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