Road flooded with chocolate after storage tank leakage

Spilt chocolate is cleared from a road in Werl Germany

Spilt chocolate is cleared from a road in Werl Germany

Firefighters said a storage tank overflowed at DreiMeister's chocolate factory in Westönnen, a suburb of the town of Werl, running out of the gates and solidifying on the chilly sidewalk.

Firefighters were called to a clear a road flooded with chocolate after a storage tank leaked and spilled its content.

A street in Germany was paved in chocolate for a few hours after a spillage at a factory.

The chocolate quickly solidified.

Spilt chocolate is cleared from a road in Werl Germany
Image Firefighters attacked the rogue chocolate with shovels

The street was closed off as roughly 25 firefighters worked to shovel off the candy coating, at times using hot water.

In order to remove the chocolate from the tarmac, the fire service used warm water and blowtorches, which ensured the street did not become slippery and therefore too unsafe to drive on.

A large amount of chocolate spilled out onto a German street on Monday night, in what "would have been a catastrophe" if it were closer to Christmas, the company's boss Markus Luckey told local newspaper Soester Anzeiger.

"Despite this heartbreaking incident, it is unlikely that a chocolate-free Christmas is imminent", the fire department said. Marlena Kukawka, a spokesperson for the local police, told local media the crews were in good spirits despite the sticky job.

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