Robert Mueller interrogates Eric Trump on SNL

Robert Mueller interrogates Eric Trump on SNL

Robert Mueller interrogates Eric Trump on SNL

Saturday Night Live went inside Trump Tower for an inside look at Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump's bedtime ritual, and introduced the boogeyman that is haunting their nightmares: Robert Mueller.

The scene starts with Donald Trump Jr., played by Mikey Day, walking in to Eric's bedroom in Trump Tower.

De Niro's Mueller showed up, as "the boogeyman in the closet", to pressure Eric Trump into participating with his investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign and allegations of collusion with Russian Federation among members of Trump's campaign staff. "Have you been watching the news again?"

To help Eric fall asleep, Don Jr. reads him the classic book, The Night Before Christmas.

But it wasn't the cheap steel, but Mueller lurking in the bedroom closet!

While Trump's son was understandably nervous about the visit, De Niro's Mueller treated him like a kid and it calmed Eric's nerves.

The monster turns out to be a De Niro's easy-going Mueller.

FBI singled out 4 Americans at start of Russia probe: Comey
Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a review of the email investigation on June 14. He did not identify the people being investigated but said they "had some connection to Mr Trump".

The real Mueller had a busy week, revealing several details of his Russian Federation investigation, including sentencing memos for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Michael Cohen, former lawyer for President Trump.

"Do you know what redacted is?"

"Hi Eric, don't be scared, it's just me, Robert Mueller, your dad's friend from work", Mueller says.

"Like my dad?" Eric suggested.

Moffat snaps back, saying people accusing Mueller of being the "worst thing to ever happen to my dad".

De Niro then delivered the line that got the biggest applause of the sketch: "No, getting elected president is the worst thing to ever happen to your dad".

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