'Santa Claus' dies in front of children at Christmas party

'Santa Claus' dies in front of children at Christmas party

'Santa Claus' dies in front of children at Christmas party

One can see that Santa's sled was tipped over, truly far from its original position as per the official website of the Disneyland Resort.

Despite the fact that he had not been feeling well and was complaining of chest pains, he decided against the theater's advice to skip the kindergarten event because he did not want to let the children down.

He had been given a day off from the theatre but insisted on attending the children's festive party.

While the confused children run towards him, they can be heard giggling as they think the incident is part of a game.

Shortly after, Mr Titenko unexpectedly collapsed backwards next to a Christmas tree, and one worker dressed as a clown could be seen rushing to his aid.

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The 67-year-old collapsed to the ground moments later.

"The man felt ill in the kindergarten", a medical source said. "He was taken in an ambulance but died on the way to the hospital". However, the man with the white beard and mustache, wearing an enormous hat and a warm red-colored coat, soon lightened up their spirits by chasing them around the room. Although it was not his fault, parade-goers were still heartless pieces of shit.

Santa said it has been a very busy season this year, visiting with a great number of children, and even seeing some familiar faces.

Valery had been in poor health for a few years.

He walks around with a long magic staff and is said to live in the Białowieża Forest, situated across the European Plain near Poland.

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