Tom Cruise's new mission: adjusting your television sets

Actor Tom Cruise left and director Chris McQuarrie

Actor Tom Cruise left and director Chris McQuarrie

It's a matter close to Tom Cruise's heart and to your eyes.

Millions of Britons bought HD-ready televisions over the past decade on the promise of being able to enjoy their favourite programmes in superior picture quality.

The motion smoothing TV setting aims to sharpen images by inserting addition frames to reduce motion blur - and while that might sound good, what it actually results in is a soap-opera-looking effect with images that appear to be slightly sped-up or distractingly televisual.

They are right. It will make that film and any movie look like the filmmakers intended it (unless you are watching The Hobbit, which was disgracefully shot in 3D at 48 frames per second).

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They continued to share the fact that Hollywood is working with TV manufacturers to make motion smoothing easier to turn off.

In his tweet, Cruise wrote that he was "taking a quick break from filming" - he's now at work on the "Top Gun: Maverick" sequel - to address the subject. Cruise and McQuarrie spoke of the dangers of motion smoothing, particularly for fans interested in seeing movies as the filmmakers intended, and provided a quick lesson about how to change the settings on your TV to disable the built-in feature. The video recommends heading to Google and searching "turn off motion smoothing [your brand of TV]", which should help locate simple instructions to turn off this feature on one's television. This will hopefully give viewers more control over how and when to use the feature.

Until that day comes, they shared tips on how to best find your television's motion smoothing settings. Different TV makers call it by different names, including Sony's MotionFlow, Samsung's Auto Motion Plus and LG's TruMotion.

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