Trump picks former A-G William Barr for job again

Top GOP senator needs to know more about Trump's UN pick

Top GOP senator needs to know more about Trump's UN pick

Critics of Trump have always been concerned that the president wants to end the Mueller probe. While not seen as a Trump loyalist, Mr. Barr, who had initially said the Mueller probe was unlikely to become a "witch hunt", later questioned the political leanings of those on Mr. Mueller's team.

Barr, who joined the Time Warner board in 2009, voted for the merger with AT&T and was a strong advocate for it. If the case continues, Barr would nearly certainly face calls to recuse himself. Long before the Russian Federation investigation and the national obsession with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in 1992 Barr helped President George H.W. Bush pardon key witnesses in the Iran-Contra scandal, cutting the legs from under the independent prosecutor.

Barr, who served as attorney general under President George H.W. Bush.

Last year, Mr. Barr told the New York Times that there was more basis to investigate a uranium company merger deal and its links to the Clintons than there was to probe any Russia-Trump connections statements that are likely to rile the Democrats.

Barr said in a 2001 University of Virginia oral history interview that he supported the pardons. But supporters of Barr's nomination could easily point to the time he spent working alongside Mueller at the Department of Justice. "I liked him very much then and I think he'll serve the Justice Department well", said Comey.

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But the Senate's top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, said Barr must promise that Mueller's investigation can proceed unimpeded and that Mueller's final report will be made available to Congress and the public immediately after it is completed.

Barr has also extolled the rule of law and the value of an independent judiciary, which wouldn't be noteworthy coming from an attorney general normally but matters given Trump's attacks on the institution.

"There is no one more capable or qualified for this role", Trump said at a law-enforcement conference in Kansas City.

Hans von Spakovsky, a former Justice Department official who is now a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative public policy group in Washington, said Barr's handling of the investigations shows "he's not going to favor either political side of the aisle". "The Senate has a solemn responsibility to advise and consent on this important nomination and his troubling views on LGBTQ equality and the law must be thoroughly vetted". On Friday, he is expected to drop court filings about Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, which could reveal more clues. Nominating someone like Heather Nauert, without the relevant experience for this job, downgrading the role below cabinet level (as Pompeo has advocated for) will ensure that foreign policy-making and the center of power on worldwide engagement remains in Washington between Foggy Bottom and Pennsylvania Avenue.

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