Twitter Thinks Grover From Sesame Street Dropped The F-Bomb During Telecast

Grover is being accused of dropping the F-bomb in an episode of ‘Sesame Street.’ More

Grover is being accused of dropping the F-bomb in an episode of ‘Sesame Street.’ More

And Sesame Street assured us that moving to HBO wouldn't change them.

As you can see in the tweet above, this line of dialogue is becoming the Internet's new "white and gold dress vs. blue and black dress" debate. Her allegation is that Grover shouted, "Yes, yes, that's a f*cking excellent idea", and to be quite honest, it sure as hell sounds like Grover dropped the F-Bomb, when the running transcript actually calls for "Move the camera, yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea", as a deliverable. "That's a f--ing excellent idea!"

But they may all have to take a back seat to this wild one, since it has people wondering if they heard an adorable Sesame Street character enthusasically dropping a curse word live on air.

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What do you hear when you listen to the clip? Twitter user @JaninaLibrarian said Grover's distinctive accent is being misunderstood. "I hear either based on what I'm thinking".

User @Skivvies2, however, was unconvinced, apparently because neither the show, nor the network have commented.

All it takes is one whistleblower to fire off a chain reaction.

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