Worldwide Hunt For Rare Blood Ongoing To Help Miami Girl Fight Cancer

Raheel Mughal and Mariam Mehmood pleaded with the public to donate blood and give their young daughter a chance at surviving

Raheel Mughal and Mariam Mehmood pleaded with the public to donate blood and give their young daughter a chance at surviving

Her family said it is a race against time, so they are pleading to the public for help. When no matches turned up, the team chose to "cast a wider net", Forbes said.

Zainab's parents learned that she has high-risk neuroblastoma and the doctors think the tumor inside the child's belly may have been growing for at least 10 months. Zainab does not have the common Indian B antigen that most people have in their red blood cells due to a genetic mutation. They say it comes down to genetics to find people who are missing the antigen.

The only people who ae likely to be a match for Zainab are people of Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent, and of those populations less than four percent of the people are missing the Indian B antigen. No one in Zainab's immediate and extended family has been a match.

After Zainab was diagnosed, doctors did not have a single unit of blood in stock to transfuse her, Mughal said. The girl needs to be completely supported by blood donations so she can survive the treatment that is needed to kill cancer.

OneBlood said they are working with other blood centers across the country, and the American Rare Donor Program, which searches the world for blood donors.

Unfortunately, Zainab's parents are not compatible donors.

Three donors have so far been located but Zainab will need more blood than they can provide.

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"My daughter, she is still a long way away from being flawless", said Raheel Mughal, Zainab's father. "We are hoping every day and we have very strong faith that she will make it".

Just like any toddler, Zainab Mughal loves coloring books and playing games on smartphones.

She needs chemotherapy for treatment, along with blood transfusions.

If you believe you can be a match or save this little girl's life, head to OneBlood's web page dedicated the search for Zainab's rare blood type. This makes finding a match for her life-saving transfusions hard.

Donors must reach out to OneBlood in advance to ensure the additional compatibility testing is performed.

Mughal urged well-wishers to go out and donate blood, describing his daughter's need as a "death-and-life situation".

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