Actress Tina Malone faces JAIL for 'tweeting picture of James Bulger's killer'

Tina Malone

Tina Malone

The actor Tina Malone is facing contempt of court proceedings over a social media post that allegedly identified one of the killers of the toddler James Bulger.

A court order is in place banning any photo of Venables, or James' other killer Robert Thompson, taken since February 1993 from being published or shared online.

The post said: "I need a lawyer ASAP!"

This is even if the photo in the post did not actually show the convicted murderer.

James was just three years old when he was abducted, tortured and murdered by 10-year-olds Venables and Thompson in 1993.

Protected under the terms of a lifelong injunction, it is a punishable offence to reveal their new identities or whereabouts. "Iv been committed to the high court!".

In another Facebook post, Tina, who played Mo McGee in Brookside, said the court papers were issued because she "retweeted something" about a year ago.

Technically Malone could serve up to two years for the offence, or alternatively be served a suspended sentence if found guilty.

The former Shameless star breached a High Court injunction after retweeting a picture claiming to be Jon Venables and the maximum penalty for contempt of court is two years in prison or a fine.

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The court date is yet to be determined, a spokeswoman for the AGO said.

At the time, she told the Daily Star Sunday: "The police are only doing their job and if they're going to caution me, arrest me, pull me in or give me a slap on the wrist, I get that".

Earlier this week, James' mum Denise expressed her disgust about the film Detainment, about her son's murder.

"What are you going to do. prosecute me for posting a picture?"

Denise and her husband Stu called on the Oscars to rescind the "awful" film's Oscar nomination on the grounds director Vincent Lambe did not consult her.

A spokesman for the AGO said the summons related to a social media post previous year.

The Attorney General's (AG) Office confirmed to the Liverpool Echo that the letter Tina received was in relation to retweeting the photo.

The "Shameless" star is accused of sharing an image of a person described as being Jon Venables. "I didn't realise. I am not au fait with the law".

An attorney general's office spokesman said: "The law officers will review contempt of court allegations made to them, but they can not comment on the nature of any investigations".

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