After the Brexit vote: what happens next?

The Commons vote on May's withdrawal agreement takes place on Tuesday

The Commons vote on May's withdrawal agreement takes place on Tuesday

A no-deal Brexit is the worst case scenario for all party. You can take no deal off the table by voting for that deal.

Mrs May has been warned that she still does not have the support for her Brexit deal, with the DUP and pro-Leave Conservative MPs still concerned at the backstop element of the Withdrawal Agreement.

She told the audience at a China factory in Stoke-on-Trent: "We are leaving on March 29".

As a result the Commons amended the bill, in 2017, to say that any secondary legislation implementing Brexit could not be brought into force until Parliament had approved the deal.

The Pound could rally by as much as five percent over coming weeks if Prime Minister Theresa May is able to get her Brexit proposals through parliament, according to analysts at J.P. Morgan.

After MPs have voted, it will take a matter of minutes for them to be counted and the results announced in the chamber.

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- Plan B is activated: The Prime Minister has yet to reveal what, if indeed there is one, her fallback position is, in the event of defeat, including it seems to Cabinet members. "It also makes possible "no Brexit" (for which the United Kingdom would revoke Article 50) and even "no deal" (once the extended Article 50 window closes)".

His resignation will be a blow to the government which is said to be facing a heavy defeat in tomorrow's vote.

There's now a 90% chance that either the Withdrawal Agreement will pass the House of Commons over the coming months or that there will be no Brexit at all, the bank says, which would be sure to generate further support for Sterling.

The Labour leader told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that if he entered Downing Street, he would "rather get a negotiated deal now if we can, to stop the danger of a no-deal exit from the European Union on 29 March which would be catastrophic for industry, catastrophic for trade".

The EIU said that the two most likely outcomes, following the downgrade of the likelihood that a no-deal Brexit would happen, is that there is either "an eventual approval of the Brexit deal, or a second referendum".

- A game of Boles: Tory former minister Nick Boles has plans for a new bill that would basically allow backbench MPs to wrestle control of the Brexit process if Theresa May loses Tuesday's vote and can not come up with a viable alternative. This is something to either be afraid of, or not afraid of, depending on your view of Brexit.

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