Bolsonaro open to USA military base in Brazil

Chief of Staff Onyx Lorenzoni and far-right President Jair Bolsonaro want to sweep away the leftwing ideology of the Workers Party which ruled Brazil 2003-2016

Chief of Staff Onyx Lorenzoni and far-right President Jair Bolsonaro want to sweep away the leftwing ideology of the Workers Party which ruled Brazil 2003-2016

Privatization of airports and seaports, tax cuts for the rich, pension cuts, and a minimum wage set lower than Bolsonaro's predecessor had planned were among the economic reforms the new president has in store for the country, as it moves toward what the new right-wing government calls a "minimal state".

Asserting that the decision was "taken" and it was "only a matter of time [before] it would be implemented", Bolsonaro stated that only "extremist Arab countries" would object to the move.

Unabashedly the most pro-Israel candidate for the presidency since at least the 1980s, Bolsonaro asserted throughout his campaign that "Palestine" is "not a country" and that Brazil should follow the U.S.'s initiative and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's rightful capital.

"Brazil must be concerned about that", he said.

The possibility of a US base in Brazil was not openly discussed during Pompeo's recent visit to Brasilia. Bolsonaro did not clarify where in Brazil he would like to see an American base. During part of the war, the Brazilian costal town had one of was the busiest airports in the world.

Former Brazilian national security secretary Jose Vicente da Silva believes such a base could be advantageous. The Americans have concerns in the Amazon because of drug trafficking.

On October 28, the runoff presidential election was held in Brazil. Bolsonaro argued it was necessary for people to defend themselves.

L train will no longer shutdown between Brooklyn, Manhattan: Cuomo
The MTA has committed to four public meetings on the new plan in Manhattan and Brooklyn, according to a release from Brewer's office.

Camilo Santana, the governor of Ceara state, said that 45 people have been arrested in connection with the dozens of attacks, which have hit 15 cities in the state, including the capital, Fortaleza.

In recent days banks, police stations and other buildings have been destroyed by flames and a pillar supporting an overpass was badly damaged by a bomb. Almost 80 attacks have been reported in towns across Ceara state this week.

Brazil's prison gangs are powerful and their reach extends outside the country's penitentiaries.

Justice minister Sergio Moro ordered the deployment after reports in Brazilian media showed gangs torching service stations.

Brazil is the world leader in total annual homicides.

Guedes also expressed the need for "tax simplification and reduction"-a sign that the administration will worsen the already-regressive tax code which has slashed taxes for the rich while leaving low-income families paying more each year, proportionally, than rich households".

A former military officer and member of the Brazilian parliament, Bolsonaro ran and won his country's presidency on a platform of disrupting the status quo when it came to foreign relations.

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