California man charged with stealing roommate's winning $10M lottery ticket

Man 'stole friend's

Man 'stole friend's "$10k" winning lotto ticket then found out it was worth $10m'

A ticket worth an incredible $10 million!

Adul Saosongyang, 35, is said to have made the switch while his roommate slept, after being told by his roomie that the scratch-off card had landed him $10,000 just before Christmas.

According to the Vacaville Police Department, after purchasing a $30 California Lottery Scratcher ticket on December 20 from Lucky Grocery Store on Peabody Road, a Vacaville man was excited to learn that he had won $10,000.

Suspecting that it had been swapped out for a losing ticket by his roommate overnight, he went to the police to report his suspicions.

According to local police, the lottery victor came to them and reported that he suspected one of his roommates to have stolen the winning ticket. He was told it was worth $10 million, not $10,000.

Saosongyang was not able to immediately walk away with the prize money.

The next day, when Saosongyang went to the lottery office, he was told that the winning ticket he had was actually worth $10 million, police said, adding that lottery workers were unaware at the time that the ticket had been reported stolen.

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That roommate, 35-year-old Adul Saosongyang, was arrested Monday and charged with grand theft, according to a Facebook post by the Vacaville Police Department.

Adul Saosongyang was greeted by Vacaville police as he attempted to collect the jackpot from lottery officials.

The following day, his roommate, Mr Saosongyang, reported to the Lottery's Sacramento district office, where investigators began their routine investigation as they do with all winnings over $600. When he arrived, he was arrested.

The lucky victor believed his prize was only in the thousands (AUD$14,000), according to a Vacaville Police Department Facebook post. Numerous scratch-off winners have later been unmasked for stealing the tickets, either from friends or from the grocery stores where they were employed.

The Lottery investigator began comparing notes with a Vacaville PD detective on the suspected theft.

He was booked at the Sacramento County Jail and will be transferred to the Solano County Jail later this week, authorities said. It is unclear if he has retained an attorney.

"Although, I'm sure everything will work out in the end", he told the newspaper.

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