Chance the Rapper publicly apologizes for working with R. Kelly

Chance the Rapper publicly apologizes for working with R. Kelly

Chance the Rapper publicly apologizes for working with R. Kelly

A synopsis for the series on Lifetime's website reads: "In the ground-breaking documentary series Surviving R. Kelly, women are emerging from the shadows and uniting their voices to share their stories".

Amidst a storm of backlash from Lifetime viewers, Chance apologised and offered an explanation for his comments on Twitter.

"We're programmed to really be hypersensitive to black male oppression", he says. There is audio to literally prove that he said that. The idea of comparing black women like my mother, who risked her life to bring me into this world, or my fiancée, whom I couldn't even begin to imagine a life without, is beyond insane; psychotic even. He now regrets making music with a sexual predator because it is bad for his brand.

A conversation has also arisen surrounding the notion of sexual assault victims and race, with many pointing out that if these women had been black, their stories may have ended differently. Sick of these Black men that create this stigma that BLCK WOMEN are not worthy! "But everything about this story reminds me of how much it takes for a black girl to be believed or to be taken seriously".

Many have echoed her outrage on Twitter. "What am I missing???" All men like him should admit it and repent.

"It's been nearly two years now, and we still haven't seen our daughter", said Savage's father, according to a Complex report on the last episode of "Surviving R. Kelly". I'm exhausted of Black Men and White folks gaslighting us.

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Non-for-profit advocacy organisation Color of Change tweeted the "strength of black women & girls is determined by how much suffering we can endure". "At the end of the day, whatever's being said is the truth".

Jeeps and bank accounts are property - something that someone owns - and knowing the history of this country, no black person in their right mind should be OK with being called property, nor identifying another person as such.

- #blacklivesmatter (@mellllbelll) January 6, 2019It's easy to apologize.

She also stated that it was over concern for her children that she didn't speak out previously. Hold others accountable. Enforce the systems around you to change.

One source says Kelly is now "going to sue everybody who had anything to do with this".

Surviving R. Kelly is the latest in a series of recent investigative pieces on the singer, including an explosive BuzzFeed report from 2017 by Jim DeRogatis.

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