Congressional leaders to attend White House briefing on border

Trump invites Democrats, Republicans to meet as government shutdown drags on

Trump invites Democrats, Republicans to meet as government shutdown drags on

In the past, Trump has flip-flopped between whether he's advocating for a physical wall or stronger border security that could include fences or drones across portions of the border.

The high-stakes meeting comes just hours before Democrats retake control of the House of Representatives, when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is widely expected to become the next Speaker of the House.

It said senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security would provide a "border security briefing" at the White House later in the day to top Democratic lawmakers Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The White House invitation came after House Democrats released their plan to reopen the government without approving money for a border wall - unveiling two bills to fund shuttered government agencies and put hundreds of thousands of federal workers back on the job. Pelosi said Tuesday that Democrats would take action to "end the Trump shutdown" by passing legislation Thursday to reopen government. Vice President Mike Pence reportedly offered Senate Democrats a compromise at $2.5 billion in wall funding before Christmas, but Democrats wanted to hear directly from Trump himself.

He also blamed Democrats for the government shutdown, which he earlier had said he'd be "proud" to own.

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Rick Perry, the energy secretary and former Texas governor, voiced his approval of the president's push for a border wall - an idea that he had mocked while running for president. Asserting that the U.S. -Mexico border is "like a sieve", he said.

"Trump's words and actions have caused dismay around the world", wrote Romney, who was elected to the Senate in November from his home state of Utah.

Alexandra Pelosi was responding to a question about how her mother approaches meetings with President Donald Trump and how she feels about her mother's potential new title as Speaker.

"Let's make a deal?"

But while the messaging war on both sides continued through the holidays and Trump stayed in Washington instead of traveling to Florida, actual negotiations have remained at an impasse. "The Pelosi plan is a non-starter because it does not fund our homeland security or keep American families safe from human trafficking, drugs, and crime".

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