Didn't know about allegations Manafort shared polling

Didn't know about allegations Manafort shared polling

Didn't know about allegations Manafort shared polling

On Tuesday, Manafort's defense lawyers inadvertently made Mueller's specific accusations public in a court filing that detailed allegations that Manafort had shared polling data and other information with Konstantin Kilimnik, a former Manafort business partner who prosecutors say has ties to Russian intelligence.

When asked by ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, "Did you know Paul Manafort was sharing polling data from your campaign with the Russians?"

Trump, asked by the New York Post in November whether he was considering a pardon Manafort, said that he "wouldn't take it off the table".

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Sorry everyone for getting grumpy. "He's crystal clear and ... he's shown he is brilliant around the group in white-ball cricket". Such emails were a common part of discussions with players, according to CA, but in no way inferred guarantee of selection.

Special counsel Robert Mueller nearly certainly learned about top Trump campaign officials meeting up with Russians overseas using the same tools the Kremlin used to wage cyber warfare against the USA during the 2016 campaign. It is one of the strongest pieces of evidence yet that there was active cooperation between the Trump campaign and the Russian government's efforts to influence the 2016 election.

Schindler noted with some irony that Snowden's documents were dumped online by WikiLeaks, which US intelligence says the Kremlin used to promote active measures against Hillary Clinton to help Trump win the election. The 69-year-old GOP consultant awaits sentencing after being convicted on August 21 of financial crimes related to consulting work he did in Ukraine. Since Robert Mueller made this a sticking point in seeking to overturn Manafort's plea deal, the answer thus far seems to be no.

The revelation Manafort, who is now being held in an Alexandria, Virginia, jail, shared the data emerged via a paperwork snafu in a Washington, D.C. court this week.

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