Gordon Ramsay slammed for uncomfortable interview with Sofia Vergara

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"You just pick it up and stick it in?" he says.

During an interview with Jay Leno, Ramsay interrupts multiple times, flirts with Vergara and even taps her bottom.

The nine-year-old video has been popping around on the Internet with viewers taking issue with Ramsay's comments and attitude toward Vergara, as first reported by E! "I mean, I can not run, I have bad knees".

She also added in Spanish that he was disrespectful and that she never screams like that - to which Ramsay to responded: "Only in the bedroom?"

In a skit for the show, the Modern Family actress was seen shouting in her dressing room, apparently appalled at the dish of spaghetti before her and when the interview took place she asked Gordon and host Jay if she frightened them with her yelling. Deeper into the clip, Jay shows a photo of Sofia eating pizza, where Gordon felt compelled to say: "You seem like you're enjoying that ― you have the whole wedge in your mouth at one time?"

"Yes, yes, yes", Vergara answered while putting her hands up in the air in frustration while the audience laughed.

Reps for Leno and Ramsay did not return PEOPLE's requests for comment.

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Vergara then shared a Colombian dessert for the chef to taste. Ramsay squeezes himself next to her on her chair.

"I recently made a post on my finsta about gordon ramsay's work before seeing his disrespect and general slimy behavior towards sofia vergara..." She then hits him back, saying, "No touching!"

The interview grew more uncomfortable as the conversation shifted to Vergara's vacation to Italy and Greece.

The clip gained traction this past week when a fan tweeted it, writing, "Sofia Vergara didn't deserve to be treated like this".

He reaches out to touch her as she uncomfortably shifts in her seat and gives the chef a look. "This is very very uncomfortable", one person tweeted. "Her body language is more than indicative of her uncomfortableness towards his presence". "You continued. No grey area here".

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