Guess who just revealed his $1 billion stake in Tesla?

The billionaire 74 indirectly owns 3 million Tesla shares

The billionaire 74 indirectly owns 3 million Tesla shares

Larry Ellison has disclosed a US$1 billion stake in Tesla Inc.

As a newly-minted Tesla board member you can do what Elon needs most: Next time Musky does something indefensibly douchey, you find the nearest news outlet and offer up "Elon's not an asshole".

Ellison owns 3 million shares of Tesla.

Then, despite blasting the SEC again via Twitter only a few days prior, it was announced on the first day of October previous year that Musk would stay on as CEO - only this time with two additional independent directors sitting on his board; an attempt to wrangle in the eccentric CEO as envisioned by officials at the SEC.

The 10-figure holding was revealed in a filing with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

Tesla Model S on Autopilot Runs Down Promobot, Russians Cry Murder
The freakish news now has many people wondering whether the incident was a PR stunt, or simply an unfortunate coincidence. A Tesla auto operating in its autonomous driving mode has allegedly ploughed into a humanoid robot and "killed" it.

2018 was a bumpy one for Tesla, which saw Musk step down as Chairman as part of an SEC settlement over fraud charges after he tweeted in August that he had financing and investor support for a buyout at $420 a share. Ellison's now $1 billion in shares represents a mere sliver of his $51.4 billion in wealth.

The regulator said this and other claims by Musk were false and misleading and affected Tesla's stock.

Tesla shares were trading 0.9 percent higher at $338 million in the pre-market in NY, giving a market value of $58 billion.

Ellison is worth just shy of $60 billion and according to Tesla's filing his personal investment now stands at a billion dollars. He criticized how the news media had covered Musk, whom he lauded for landing rockets and called a close friend.

Tesla's press office didn't immediately respond to an e-mail requesting comment on Ellison's holding.

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