Indian scientists condemn 'irrational' claims that Hindu epics contain stem-cell research

India scientists dismiss Einstein theories

India scientists dismiss Einstein theories

NEW DELHI: Indian scientists have reportedly dismissed the theories of Issac Newton and Albert Einstein at a major science conference and claim ancient Hindus pioneered stem cell research. "The idea that Indians had aircraft 2000 years ago sounds nearly essentially impossible to me". This was science in this country ... This was science in this country.

"It is absolutely distressing that these claims were made in the Children Science Congress section of Indian Science Congress (ISC) where the audience was largely comprised of teachers and young students", it said. Are they not test-tube babies?

Speaking at an annual conference held by the Indian Scientific Congress Association, Rao said this story shows that ancient Hindus had the scientific understanding to use some form of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) technology. "But thousands of years ago we had this technology".

G Nageshwar Rao, vice chancellor of Andhra University, also said a demon king from the Hindu religious epic, Ramayana, had 24 types of aircraft and a network of landing strips in modern-day Sri Lanka.

While politicians are often mocked by the media for such comments, dismissing similar remarks is more hard when they are made at a scientific event with official backing. He said gravitational waves would soon be renamed as "Narendra Modi waves", while the gravitational lensing effect in physics would be renamed as "Harsh Vardhan effect".

Breakthrough Science Society, an organisation that promotes scientific thought, previously published a book sifting reality from myths about science in ancient India and organised the protests in response to the comments.

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Holding placards with slogans like "Don't denigrate science in India", "Stop spreading unscientific ideas in the name of science", "Defending science in India is true patriotism" etc., the protesters condemned the irrational statements in the ISC. Harsh Vardhan in 2018 (quoting Stephen hawking as saying mass energy equivalence is from vedas) and other invited speakers (2015- Anand Bodas: aviation in ancient india; 2016- Pandey: Siva as environmentalist, Sharma: conch blowing health benefits) are against the spirit of the directive principles of the constitution regarding the need to inculcate scientific temper.

"Puranic verses and epics are poetic, enjoyable, contain moral elements and rich in imagination but not scientifically constructed or validated theories", the group said in a statement on Sunday.

"Such a hallowed assembly of scientists has been misused to make false and chauvinistic claims about ancient India". "We take abstract in plenary and sectional symposium from the speakers, but from now on we will take abstract from speakers during Children's Science Congress too", Chakrabarti said.

"It is completely outrageous for any scientific meeting to have pseudoscientific nonsense that is not based on testable evidence", said Venki Ramakrishnan, a Nobel Prize-winning biologist, adding that the event has now become a "large circus".

The 106th Indian Science Congress 2019, held at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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