Library And Archives Canada Acquires Book Once Owned By Adolf Hitler

The book details certain cities' population statistics along with organisations and media outlets key at the time to North America's Jewish communities, Library and Archives Canada said in a statement.

The 137-page report - titled "Statistics, Media and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Canada" - was compiled in 1944 by German linguist and researcher Heinz Kloss.

"This work hints at the story of what might have happened in Canada had the allies lost World War II", reads a news release from Library and Archives Canada, adding that the book is an important tool to fight Holocaust denial. Millions others suffered the same fate including racial minorities, homosexuals and Indigenous peoples.

Library and Archives Canada purchased the document past year for $4,500, and it was unveiled for the first time Wednesday, just days before International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday.

The bookplate features a stylized eagle, swastika and the words Ex Libris Adolf Hitler, indicating it came from the Nazi leader's collection.

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The Library believes the book was brought to the United States as a war souvenir by a soldier who raided Hitler's alpine retreat outside of Berchtesgaden in 1945.

It was acquired from a respected Judaica dealer, who obtained it from the personal collection of a Holocaust survivor.

"While this is certainly a creepy item, the decision to acquire it was simple", he told the CBC. Preserving the memory of the Holocaust was more of a concern than "the possibility that someone might think we're glorifying Hitler through this acquisition".

Guy Berthiaume, a librarian and archivist at the institution, said the book underlines the "nightmarish potential" of a Nazi occupation of Canada.

"We don't, and we shouldn't, choose only those records that portray past events in a positive light", he said. It was bought from a private collector in the US -who previously acquired the book from a Holocaust survivor-for $4,500 in June and will go on public display at LAC this weekend to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It will then be digitized and included on the archive's website.

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