Mitt Romney slams Donald Trump for causing ‘dismay’ around the world

Mitt Romney: Trump has caused worldwide dismay

Mitt Romney: Trump has caused worldwide dismay

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 29: (L to R) President-elect Donald Trump and Mitt Romney dine at Jean Georges restaurant, November 29, 2016 in New York City. "A president should unite us and inspire us to follow "our better angels".

The Republican presidential nominee in 2012 is praising some of Trump's policy decisions in a Washington Post op-ed published Tuesday.

And he says Trump has damaged US relationships with trusted allies at a fraught time.

Romney all but called on the GOP to reject the rhetoric pouring from the White House, noting that he plans to "speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions". "But policies and appointments are only a part of a presidency", he wrote.

Romney criticized not only Trump's foreign policy, of course, but his character as well.

But at no point in Romney's Senate run did he level such broad criticism as he did in this column, saying "Trump's words and actions have caused dismay around the world", empowering China and Russian Federation. If Republicans want a Trump replacement who will pursue all the same policies without the asinine tweeting, Romney is saying he's their guy. He should demonstrate "the essential qualities of honesty and integrity, and elevate the national discourse with comity and mutual respect".

House Democrats have plan to fund government, but not a wall
The bills the Democrats will propose are expected to pass the House easily, given that Democrats will have a majority of 40 seats. He also stressed that Mr Trump never pressed him to break the law.

Romney registers his approval of Trump's tax cuts, regulatory rollback, China trade crackdown, conservative judicial nominations, and many of his early appointees, but in the "qualities of character" department, he says, Trump's "shortfall has been most glaring", both in a divided America and an increasingly chaotic world America no longer leads.

Republicans on Thursday will cede control of the House to Democrats, who were prepared to oppose Trump on a number of policies and promised a slew of investigations into his actions and those of his aides and campaign officials, particularly with regard to Russia's election meddling.

Romney warned the United States that the world was watching and looking to the nation for leadership.

Parscale, via Twitter accused Romney of "jealousy", adding that Romney "lacked the ability to save this nation".

"The world is also watching" Trump and America's image overseas has been tarnished by Trump, Romney writes. In a 2016 Pew Research Center poll, 84 percent of people in Germany, Britain, France, Canada and Sweden believed the American president would "do the right thing in world affairs". "Jealously is a drink best served warm and Romney just proved it". And he said he didn't intend to comment on every tweet or fault.

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