Netflix Sued In ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Lawsuit

Netflix sued over Bandersnatch's similarities to Choose Your Own Adventure

Netflix sued over Bandersnatch's similarities to Choose Your Own Adventure

According to the suit, Netflix apparently tried to obtain a license for Chooseco's trademark in the past, but wasn't able to reach a deal with the publisher. In fact, just a couple of weeks after its debut, Bandersnatch is already at the center of a lawsuit directed at Netflix.

The publisher of the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books is suing Netflix for a cool $25 million, claiming that the recent film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch infringes on its trademark.

It also says the dark tone of the show tarnishes the children's book series' image. Essentially, the company believes that Netflix chose that specific marketing because it was register nostalgia in the minds of users, thanks to the success of the books. The franchise was extremely popular during the 1980s, growing to 184 books with more than 250 million copies printed.

Moreover, Chooseco's filing revealed that as far back as 2016, Netflix had entered into discussions with the publisher over the possibility of obtaining a license that would have put them legally in the clear to use the "Choose Your Own Adventure" brand as a plot hook. The suit claims infringement, dilution and unfair competition and Chooseco is seeking at least $25m in damages or profits, whichever is higher.

The suit also notes that 20th Century Fox recently optioned the rights to create a film based on the series, which is now in the works.

Carlos Ghosn indicted on two new charges
The case is also being played out in local media, with another string of allegations leaking out in the Japanese press on Friday. Ghosn's prolonged detention has put the spotlight on Japan's justice system, which has come in for some global criticism.

Chooseco's case hinges on Bandersnatch's very first scene, in which Stefan mentions his upcoming pitch to his father as he thumbs through the book.

Netflix has no comment on the matter.

"The use of Choose Your Own Adventure in association with such graphic content is likely to cause significant damage, impacting our book sales and affecting our ability to work with licensing partners in the future".

Do you think Chooseco has a point with this lawsuit?

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