New York City To Roll Out Program Guaranteeing Health Care to Residents

New York City To Roll Out Program Guaranteeing Health Care to Residents

New York City To Roll Out Program Guaranteeing Health Care to Residents

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has affirmed that every city resident will have access to comprehensive health care, regardless of their ability to pay or immigration status.

"More than 500,000 hard-working men and women should earn paid personal time when they contribute to the success of their companies", de Blasio said in an email. "We have to make it in practice a right". "We can make it happen". Meanwhile, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced plans to offer residents a public option which would be a step toward single-payer health care. Called NYC Care, it's an expansion of the existing MetroPlus program for low-income residents and will be a mix of insurance and direct spending, according to the New York Times.

The mayor added that participants will also be told how to get care from a specialist, such as an obstetrician/gynaecologist or mental health provider.

The NYC Care program launches in the summer of 2019.

To take advantage of these services, New Yorkers will have to apply for a membership card online or over the phone, at which point a member number will be provided, giving access to these healthcare services.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Island's Project Hospitality, the Rev. Terry Troia, said she was thrilled by the mayor's plan. The total costs may just be subsidized by the city if the individual is deemed to be someone who can afford to contribute to the cost.

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More than 500,000 full-time and part-time employees now have no paid time off.

"From this moment on in New York City everyone is guaranteed the right to health care", de Blasio said.

"We applaud Governor Newsom for building on the strong foundation of the Affordable Care Act in his first official action", Lee said in a statement. "Get used to this criticism-you're going to hear a lot of it".

De Blasio said the city will not need to raise taxes for the program, which he believes will save money as residents become healthier through its use. No one should go without the health care they need. The initiative also coincides with the start of the 2020 presidential election cycle as calls for universal coverage - often called Medicare-for-all - are emerging as a rallying cry among potential Democratic aspirants. To which the correct response is that if you thought health care was expensive now then wait and see what it costs when it's free. "It's time to give working people a break". De Blasio said NYC Care would work on a "sliding scale" where "people will pay what they can" for care.

Another aspect of the plan, NYC Care, will guarantee insurance to New Yorkers regardless if they are ineligible for insurance or are undocumented. In his remarks, de Blasio was clear where he stands. They have a name, an address. For example, "here, psychotherapy is a covered benefit; that's not true in San Francisco. and the current program [there] has an enrollment of about 20,000 people; that's a New York City block".

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