Prices rise as the minimum wage increases in several states

Minimum Wage 2019

Minimum Wage 2019

Since 2009, the federal minimum wage has stalled at $7.25 an hour, but that's about to change for 20 states. A local ordinance raised the minimum wage to as much as $11 an hour in 2015, then as much as $13 in 2016, depending on the size of the employer and whether it provided health insurance.

In eight states-Alaska, Florida, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota, and Vermont-the minimum wage automatically increases each year to keep pace with inflation.

The business sector, which has opposed the Labor Ministry's argument based on the Supreme Court's ruling, claims that the increased working hours can raise the chances of violating the Minimum Wage Act.

Millions of USA workers will see increased pay in 2019 due to minimum-wage increases in 20 states and 21 cities.

New minimum wage requirements will take effect in 20 states and almost two dozen cities around the start of the new year, affecting millions of workers.

MI will increase its minimum wage in April.

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According to the report, 38 cities and counties are raising minimum wage.

One of the 2019 new laws in NY affects the state's building code, requiring all new and renovated buildings with publicly accessible restrooms to provide "safe and compliant changing tables". On the other end of the spectrum, in New York City, the minimum wage is jumping from $13 to $15.

Seattle, the fastest-growing large city in the US, has been at the forefront of the movement for higher minimum wages.

Some of the 2019 hikes are part of laws that require wages to increase progressively each year.

Volunteer firefighters in NY state are eligible for accidental disability and death benefits through Workers' Compensation if they are injured in the line of duty, but beginning January 1, 2019, they'll also be eligible for health benefits to support treatment for certain life-threatening cancers. They say state-mandated wage hikes can hurt business, increase prices for consumers and even led to job loss.

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