Records broken by the Government's Brexit defeat

Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm

Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm

Three Labour MPs crossed the floor to vote for the agreement.

Michel Barnier has responded to the crushing defeat of the Brexit deal he brokered with the United Kingdom government by offering to reopen negotiations - but only if the United Kingdom "shifts" its red lines.

What will happen if Theresa May loses the vote of no confidence? Mrs May will also speak in the debate and it will last until 7:00pm (6:00am AEDT).

The MP refused to give Corbyn a timescale, saying the leadership had "good reasons" for taking its time.

MPs voted on an amendment put forward by the Liberal Party to set up a select committee to investigate the government's decision to drop criminal proceedings against JR Campbell, editor of the Communist newspaper Workers Weekly, which had recently published an article encouraging the armed forces to mutiny.

It is thought that with the numbers stacked so high against the PM, Labour MPs felt there was little point rebelling and then losing.

Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn immediately tabled a motion of no confidence in the Government and MPs will cast their votes tomorrow morning.

Here is how the process, which could ultimately trigger a general election, will work.

There would be a period of 14 days in which a new government can be formed.

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The new government will be confirmed in office by passing a resolution in the Commons "This House has confidence in Her Majesty's Government".

The DUP, the government's confidence-and-supply partner, has said they will back the Prime Minister, as as the ERG, the Brexit-supporting wing over the Conservative Party, headed by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

A total of 118 Conservative rebels voted against the PM, almost the same number in the leadership confidence vote she faced last month.

However, it only takes seven MPs from the Conservatives or DUP to vote against the government for Mrs May to lose.

"The most important issue facing us is that Government has lost the confidence of this house and this country ..."

"We don't want a general election, this is not about party politics".

"My party is in no mood to hand over the reins to Jeremy Corbyn". If there is an impasse we will keep the option of another public vote.

Mr McDonnell accepted today Labour would fail in its no confidence motion at 7pm tonight but warned Mrs May the campaign would not stop.

Arguing that some "tweaks" to that deal would have prevented the Brexit vote, he added: "I believe it would be a great pity if no further efforts were made to try to reach an agreement to try to help the British prime minister to forge an agreement at Westminster". "The law is in place for us to leave on WTO terms, the government ought to go back to Brussels and say 'if we can't agree anything, in the interim that is what will happen".

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