Remember Samsung's Massive Wall TV? Now There's A Bigger One

Is modularity the future of TV design

Is modularity the future of TV design

But first it has to get small enough to actually fit on your wall.

At a special First Look event held on Sunday evening, Samsung debuted two new versions of its MicroLED TV (formerly known only as The Wall) - a smaller 75-inch variation as well as a significantly larger 219-inch model. That's a step down in terms of resolution from some of the 8K TVs we've heard about here at CES 2019, but that's not unexpected given the nascent nature of MicroLED. It promises all of the great picture quality of OLED (perfect black levels, improved-off-axis viewing) along with superior brightness and less of a propensity for burn-in.

The screen made a huge splash a year ago when Samsung lauded MicroLED's capabilities, claiming that it had near-perfect black levels akin to OLED and higher contrast.

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The new iteration of The Wall comes in a 219-inch 4K version as well as a more consumer-friendly 75-inch 4K iteration.

Samsung's Micro LED technology also optimises the content no matter the size and shape of the screen. Individual panels of MicroLEDs can stand alone or combine to create truly huge screens - like The Wall, a 146-inch version that made a big splash at CES past year - or smaller sizes in various shapes. The company today unveiled several new MicroLED TVs, including new, commercial versions of The Wall and the modular, scalable The Window. The only kicker: Samsung hasn't decided on the timing of an Australian release, although they did confirm to Kotaku Australia that the micro LED TVs would be released down under eventually.

Samsung has yet to provide pricing or availability information about the new MicroLED displays.

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