Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo Coming Soon, And It's An Unusual One

Next Devil May Cry 5 Demo Will Bring Demons To Consoles On February 7, 2019

Next Devil May Cry 5 Demo Will Bring Demons To Consoles On February 7, 2019

Announced by Capcom, this 1-Shot Demo will give players one chance and 30 minutes to try out the remake of the 1998 horror classic.

You can keep playing until your 30 minutes are up, whether you die or complete the main objective in the meantime. Once you finally reach an "S" rank the full theme song will begin to play and when you get a triple "S" rank, the volume pumps up, the effects are in full swing, and the characters begin to react to the epic style abilities. Whilst you won't be able to play past your demo time, you will be able to watch the cinematic over and over again until your heart is content.

Capcom assures players that the demo can be completed in the allotted time limit, but it will require efficient use of weapons, items and movement if the young R.P.D. officer is to escape his new workplace, now freshly populated with legions of the undead.

Players will be put in the shoes of rookie cop Leon Kennedy as he explores the terror that has overtaken Raccoon City Police Department. He must survive the zombie hordes while finding a way out of the station.

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Stay tuned for more info. The idea of a time-limited trial isn't exactly new (see the trial periods that Origin Access users get), but this sounds like it's trying to capture the feel of a show-floor demo. With the arrival of Devil May Cry 5 coming in March though, the game's director has recently revealed that this might be one action title that is a bit longer than normal.

Bash baddies with the new Devil Breaker "Punch Line", and take a look inside Nico's shop!

Unlike the first demo, this forthcoming second demo for the game won't just be exclusive to PS4, which is a bonus for PlayStation fans. That demo will release this week.

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