Teacher seen dragging autistic student no longer teaches at school

Angel Nelson  Facebook

Angel Nelson Facebook

Surveillance video subpoena'd by the family's lawyer shows a teacher dragging the 9-year-old up and down the hallway by his wrists. The child's mother in a Facebook post had also identified Abrams as the teacher in the video.

Abrams had been removed from the elementary school as a result of the incident, according to a statement from the school district given to WSAZ-TV in Huntington.

Two incidents of autistic students being dragged in Fayette County have been reported since August.

"It was so hard for me to watch", Nelson said Monday evening. "He will have to do more intense occupational therapy to regain his skills that took so long to grasp".

Security video from inside the school shows the incident inside Wurtland Elementary School.

The boy's mother, Angel Nelson, says her son has been diagnosed with autism and other disorders and has limited speech. "He has an IEP in place to help make sure that all his needs are met while at school".

In the mother's Facebook update, which has now been shared more than 1,000 times, she said her son claimed the teacher also "threw him hard down onto a chair" but acknowledged there was no video obtained from inside the classroom.

At one point, she paused dragging the student and ordered him to 'Get up!'

Angel says because that camera was turned away facing a corner.

The stay-at-home mom accused Abrams of being so violent that she injured her son and destroyed his shoes.

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"He had an outburst and they were trying to remove him from the classroom, but she restrained him the wrong way, and it was 100 percent preventable", Nelson said.

"I think she should possibly face the inside of a jail", he said.

"The fact that my son is not able to fully verbalize what he went through means that we must fight that much harder for all kids, but especially the kids who can not speak for themselves".

"The superintendent also followed protocol and reported the incident to the Kentucky Education Standards Board", said Superintendent Sherry Horsley, who also confirmed that Child Protective Services and the Kentucky Education Standards Board were made aware of the teacher's actions. She is due Wednesday in court, state police said.

In announcing Abrams termination on Monday, the Greenup County School District said in a statement that a formal investigation had been conducted.

"The Greenup County School District prioritizes the safety of our students". Each school has a specially trained team to address immediate issues, and the school has teachers specially trained to address autism-related behaviors.

Nelson did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

He was in the throes of a fit when the woman in charge of Wurtland Elementary School's special needs program pulled him down a hallway on his back.

The mother added that her son would have to undergo intense occupational therapy because he experienced a regression in fine motor skills - including writing, buttoning his trousers and tying shoes - as a result of his injuries. But Heskins said that school staff don't always adhere to the state regulation. "She didn't beat him to a bloody pulp, but she did abuse a child".

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