The next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event kicks off tomorrow

Here's How to Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with Official Tournament Rules

Here's How to Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with Official Tournament Rules

Super Smash Bros Ultimate second DLC character has been discovered through datamining the game files, so the secret is now out in the open. On top of all that, they've also got six DLC characters planned, making the massive roster even more diverse. The Piranha Plant, for example, is listed under "fighter_kind_Packun", which comes from "Pakkun", the Japanese name for the Mario-hungry flower. This lends credibility to earlier rumours of Dragon Quest III's Erdrick potentially making an appearance, as ResetEra's MondoMega states that勇者 (Yuusha) is directly translated to courageous and also used as the name for the "Hero" class within the series.

Next Super Smash Bros.

This connection makes more sense when you consider that several Smash characters have Japanese names in their parameters, including other downloadable characters.

A bit of information that leaked back in early December has been substantiated by recent events, and if true, some of the incoming characters for Super Smash Bros.

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According to the information presented on ResetEra by the user MondoMega, one of the next Super Smash Bros.

It seems that an earlier rumor of the DLC characters coming from Square Enix Games has some truth to it after all. In the Japanese version of all the entries in the series, the hero's unique class is called yuusha, which translates as courageous.

None of these when taken alone mean all that much, but when they're considered together, it's not hard to understand why all fingers are pointing towards Dragon Quest and Erdrick. Joker will come with Super Smash Bros.

Among these characters, we already know two of them: jack and packu.

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