Theresa May loses second Brexit vote in two days

Theresa May tells MPs 'see you next Tuesday' as Brexit vote confirmed

Theresa May tells MPs 'see you next Tuesday' as Brexit vote confirmed

The government suffered another Brexit setback today as MPs voted in favour of an amendment forcing Theresa May to return to the Commons for another vote within three days if her Brexit deal is voted down on Tuesday.

Losing the vote would deepen the uncertainty over the future of Brexit, Britain's biggest shift in foreign and trade policy for more than 40 years, and open the way for several different outcomes, ranging from a disorderly exit to another referendum.

MPs want to intervene to prevent this from happening, and they narrowly voted on Tuesday for an amendment that would curtail the government's tax powers in the event of no deal.

There were turbulent scenes in Parliament when some in May's Conservative Party accused the speaker of bias.

Mr Bercow said he had consulted privately with the clerk and other officials, but did not confirm his decision was taken with agreement from Sir David.

He said: "For many of us we will now have an unshakeable conviction that the referee of our affairs, not least because you gave your opinion and your vote on the issue of Brexit publicly, that we we will have an unshakeable conviction that the referee is no longer neutral".

"It seems clear that May will lose the vote, the only real question is how much does she lose by", Usherwood added.

MPs have fired a warning shot across the Government's bows as they backed an amendment meant to limit ministers' tax raising powers in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The EU Withdrawal Act states that the Government must a statement of intent within 21 days of a defeat, meaning Mr Grieve's victory has sped up the timetable and hacked into the time available to Mrs May to secure concessions from Brussels before MPs vote again.

The 303 to 296 defeat means that the government will need explicit parliamentary approval to leave the European Union without a deal before it can use certain powers relating to taxation law.

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Mr Grieve had tabled the amendment Tuesday night after pro-EU MPs had passed an amendment to the Finance Bill created to prohibit spending on No Deal preparations without authorisation from Parliament - which is dominated by Remainers and largely opposed to No Deal.

"I am absolutely hopping mad", she said. "These discussions have shown that further clarification over the backstop is possible and those talks will continue over the next few days", May said.

Agata Gostynska-Jakubowska, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said Wednesday's parliamentary vote would do little to change the mood in Brussels regarding Brexit.

But northern Irish politicians were swift to dismiss her proposals to offer Northern Ireland a "strong voice and role in any decision to bring the backstop into effect".

Sammy Wilson, the party's Brexit spokesman, said the only thing that could swing the DUP around is if the backstop were removed.

A majority of members of Parliament oppose a no-deal Brexit, but it remains the default option if May's deal is rejected.

He had also called the development an "important step" towards preventing a no-deal Brexit, according to the BBC.

A vote, initially slated for mid-December, is now scheduled for January 15.

And this motion would be amendable, as I understand it.

The source declined to say whether the advice had come from Commons clerks, but made clear the Government could draw on expertise from beyond its own ranks in such cases.

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